Ann Baker Interview

Transcript – Part 5: Genetics Discussion

Ann Baker Genetics Discussion – Interview Transcript: Part 5. She discusses the genetic industry and various diseases.

[A momentary portion of the audio was unintelligible at this point]

Now through this genetical engineering they’ll never have to live in a bubble again. They’ve already you’ve read in the paper where they already got a cure for that. Now another thing you know they had that big ocean spill up in Alaska and they said they didn’t have enough had stuff to eat up the ocean spill but they didn’t have enough so they didn’t use it. But now they’re using it over in the Gulf where he blew up all those oil wells. Now all this stuff is all under the same subject is genetical engineering and DNA and there’s 39 pages in the cat magazine. Now it says an “Awesome World within a Cell” therefore David had to live in a bubble and uh he won’t they won’t have to do that anymore they took him out when he was 11 years old and operated on him and he died. It says the age of DNA now you got a whole lot of cells in your body. But this is what all is in each cell. So it’s like a real factory. Then when you eat your food this is how your body picks up all the chemicals and sends to your and sends to your hair and your teeth and your eyes and all that kind of stuff like this here. Now some of these don’t pertain to what I’m trying to talk to you about but you can read all of this talk about chromosome surgery how they have to I’ll get to that in a few minutes. There’s where they have to eat up the ocean spills. Now they’re trying to find a vaccine for cancer because they can tell ya how they get it and they tell ya how it goes through your body but they wanna stop it way back here. Because just not always removeable branches wanna do any do any good to keep it from going through your body. Now this is how they tell when somethin’s got Tay-Sachs disease. Now this is what your chromosomes look like. Now when they wanna do something to make a certain personality for a cat or a dog or they wanna do something to make something different, they know exactly which one of these chromosomes to do something to. And they can do something to one of these chromosomes and that’s how they make a completely different thing there.

[Flipping through magazine…] I thought those look more like oranges than carrots but I’ll take their word for it. Now there’s my breeding program. Go down here and down here and down here and then I got calico and then I got blue point and seal point. But this is like a cabbage because they started with a fruit and vegetable. God says, “I made fruits, I made vegetables, I made cats, I made rabbits, I made dogs. You can fool with it all you want but you can’t change what I made.” Now this book is 1976 [National Geographic] first out. I just got a magazine from Michigan Bulb company the other day. What do ya think’s in there? Now this is how many years later from 1976 that you see all. Ya see what I’m sayin? Gradually these things come on the market but when you see it if you go back and study this other stuff then you can see how they get it.

In the video Ann is showing pages of the National Geographic Article and explaining the content.

Now. Now comes the horror story. Now, a while back, a couple years ago I got a letter from the university and it said they got the new DHO for dogs. Well you know when how you go to the grocery store they got a different label because it’s a different formula or something. So uh a vet he runs out of DHL so he sends to the manufacturer maybe it’s got a different label on it so so he doesn’t know anything. Okay this paper came from the university and it said the new DHL made the dog sick but some of em died so they took it off the market immediately. Immediately was 6 months. I took the letter and showed it to my vet. He don’t tell me anything but whenever I come up with something he can finish the story for me. And he said, “They sure minimize that.” He said, “It killed every dog 100% almost instantly. And they just told the people I guess that the animal wasn’t strong enough to stand the shock or something.” They don’t make good on but they how many people took their dogs to the vet except somebody that loved it or had a valuable one.

Okay. Now you never heard of     [a momentary audio drop out at this point of the video]

I called all my breeders    [a momentary audio drop out at this point of the video]

got all 26 of mine done since Friday. Within 6 months he’s out of business because all of his babies were born with bad hearts. The Lots had Eric and they had 3 females and Eric. They had never had a dead bird they had never had a sick cat they never had anything but wonderful cats. They had a female and Eric at the vet’s. They had that done to their two cats. They never had a good litter. They never had good kittens. They had Eric and that female altered. They had to get themselves a new male. Now what had happened my vet told me when it first came out with leukemia. It didn’t hurt that cat but it made that cat a carrier and it gave leukemia to every other cat it came in contact with. So then the company changed the formula and they had to change the formula to three times to find a cure for leukemia. But they had to give leukemia to all the cats first before they could find the cure for it. Now you got this and don’t get that stuff up the cat’s nose for the FIP cuz that’s another one. Alright when I got this literature on that I took it to my vet and I and he had his employee run him off a copy. He had some brochures on his on the desk out there folded over three ways shiny paper beautiful colored pictures. He had em out there. After he read that article that was no longer on his counter. There’s a lot of vets that won’t give that. There’s a lot of vets that won’t give the leukemia shot. Your cats must stay in the house. Why do you need a rabies shot? Okay. Now have seen two cats that had bad rabies shots. What happens is the head swells up like this and there’s pressure on the brain. So the vet had to make some holes in the top of the head to let this come out. Like you had an abscess on your arm you know but instead of comin out like this here it’s like cottage cheese only it’s real bright yellow like this and it multiplies so fast but you gotta put the cat to sleep. There’s no way of cleaning out its head. You know like you would do your arm or something like that. So you gotta put it to sleep.

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