Ann Baker Interview

Transcript – Part 7: Telescoped Bowel

Ann Baker Telescoped Bowel – Interview Transcript: Part 7. She discusses Cattery Do-s and Don’t-s from her book, treatment of telescoped bowel and demonstrates docile behavior of her cat.

Cattery Do-s and Don’t-s from Ann’s Book

And uh then um uh well I had told you that other story when first about the man that had the used my book to cure his to cure for cats for dogs and people and stuff like that. So anyway, so we’re talking about it all these home remedies for cats. Now in my book it says um Cattery do’s and don’ts. So your cat is pregnant – Dos, don’ts, some of em are repeats so that if you’ve got a problem you look under under that particular category and you don’t have to read the whole book to find out where you found the stuff. I like the part best in the back where it told about people having something bad about their cat.

Telescoped Bowel

And um now this kina got me because I sold a friend of mine, he’d come up and work with me every few weekends and I sold him a black and white cat and he loved it he just loved that cat. One day he called me and he said something happened to his cat and he took it to the vet and the vet was chargin him two or three hundred dollars for tests and x-rays n things and it died. And uh I said, “Dammit, I told you all to call me when you got a problem or before you go to the vet!” He said, I said, “I coulda told you what was the matter with that cat.” But he said, “It let out a scream, ran out of the room,” and he said, “I had to run to catch it, caught it, I couldn’t hardly hold the cat to even get it to the vet. So the vet said he had to run all these tests n everything, cost him two or three hundred dollars. I said, “That cat had a telescope bowel and it needed to be operated on as soon as you got it to the vet.” Because especially if they eat dry food sometimes ya know that they don’t drink enough water and that and their bowels can go telescope like a finger in a glove like and it turns into paraphrenitis so you have to operate on it. He said, “Well, I told him to do uh do an autopsy and the autopsy came back and had a telescope bowel.” Now if he woulda called me before he went to the vet, I would’ve said if that vet don’t say it has a telescope bowel find another vet and get that cat operated on right quick.

Ann apparently had reason to distrust certain veterinarians she encountered 40 years ago.

As mentioned before, we encourage everyone to find a competent veterinarian and follow their advice.

Cuz I mean I’ve had lots of cases of that. The youngest one was a little kitten at five months old. And it was just there drinkin water or eating and all at once it did that and these women were two old maids so they grabbed the kitten up and took it to the vet right quick and the vet said that’s what it was. And it was the youngest kitten I had ever seen that they could operate on to get it correct telescope bowel but the cat lived and those two women now are now dead and I got a letter that lady’s that the ministrator of their estate she found  homes for the two cats. That they had been older when they uh. They had two cats and a honey bear. Now they really had liked the honey bear better like. Then they went to the bank and they went places and they’d take the honey bear and they’d set it up on the counter in the bank, go do their business and it set there and everybody in the bank come along n pat it n carry on n you gotta be a cabbit that everybody knew knew them in that town for what they did with uh honey bear.

Demonstration of Mild Cat Behavior

Now usually sometimes when I have a lot of people on the tour, I demonstrate my cats like I’ve always demonstrated my cats with you before. So you this group here has seen that so you you don’t need to do that again. Now um

C’mon. Dobby, here. Now he’s six years old when he’s on the ground, you can’t play with him because he’s got claws like a wild animal. He’s never been declawed and kids can carry him this way. They don’t care how he does there you can do him this way. Here, Cathy. He’s about six years old. You see kids can do most anything with him, not gonna get hurt. But when he’s down on the ground you can’t play with him because he can turn upside down but you’ll think he’ll wanna play with ya but if he plays with ya and he sticks one of those claws in ya he can rip ya wide open cuz he’s never had his claws clipped.

To close out the video Ann gave a brief tour outside near hear cattery.  She demonstrated the docile behavior of one of her large cats by throwing it to one of the visitors.  The cat was undisturbed by the excitement.

Strangely, she then cautioned against picking up this cat when he was on the ground because it had sharp claws.  We recommend carefully trimming cat claws with proper tools as part of their routine care and grooming.

The DVD ended here.

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