Appreciation and Acknowledgement

We are grateful for the help of great friends, partners and our growing Ragdoll Family

This page is our opportunity to say a few words of appreciation and acknowledgement about some of the superb people who play essential roles with us.  Thank you to each of you for your help:

Appreciation and Acknowledgement

We have worked very hard to create the Riverside Rags cattery and become a premier source of beautiful ragdoll kittens of the highest quality.  It has been our intention also to provide an experience for adopting pet parents that is unsurpassed in terms of clear communication, respect and an overall excellent relationship.  Everything we do is intended to earn the trust of those around us and offer them the respect they deserve.  We are grateful to everyone who adopts our amazing ragdoll kittens, and we welcome each of you into our extended Ragdoll Family.

We certainly couldn’t do it without awesome friends and partners.  Their support, expertise, friendship, and commitment to quality have all contributed to the Riverside Rags experience.  

Appreciation and Acknowledgement<br />
Flame point male ragdoll cat sitting front view

To all of you, our Ragdoll Family

It is wonderful to meet so many people over the years who share our love of beautiful ragdoll cats and who have brought our kittens into their lives.  Whether you have one ragdoll from Riverside Rags or multiple, we consider you to be part of our Ragdoll Family, wherever you live throughout the country and worldwide.  We are grateful that you care about and take such good care of your ragdoll.  It is always fun to receive updates from you about your blue-eyed furball and see photos of how each kitten has grown.  We will soon be creating blog posts featuring any of you who would like to send photos and stories of your ragdolls, so please keep us posted.   

Joe and Temple Latimer and their great kids

Their support, help, encouragement and friendship has been awesome.  They are once in a lifetime friends, and we hope that you get the opportunity to have great friends like them in your life.

Appreciation and Acknowledgment<br />
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Sheri and Ryan Mahaffey, and Ashley and Aaron

Sheri loves all animals, has a heart of gold, and has great veterinary health experience.  She helps us every day to care for our cats, and frequently takes them to their veterinary appointments.  Over the years, Sheri, Ryan and Ashley have delivered many beautiful ragdoll kittens on adoption day to their new families around the Pacific Northwest and around the country.  Count yourself lucky of you get to meet them when you receive your new furball.  In addition, their whole family (including Aaron) have been helpful in numorous ways.  We will forever be grateful for their steady friendship.

Ben Anderson, CNCT Now

We are grateful for the reliable, insightful website advice from Ben.  His expertise has generated real results and has helped strengthen our reach online.  Unlike most technical people, Ben makes a great effort to explain and teach the details you need to understand.  If you need website, SEO or social media consulting services he will put his MBA and technical expertise together for your success.

Contact CNCT Now:

Aimee Broadbent, Black Fawn Design

We met Aimee when she found Riverside Rags while looking for a Ragdoll kitten to adopt.  From that day she has been so kind to us, patiently guiding us through the process of evaluating options as she prepared logos and palettes to improve our website and image.  The Riverside Rags logo and color scheme was created by Aimee and we are delighted with how it turned out.  You won’t find a better combination of vision, artistic creativity and professional courtesy.

  • 406-431-0035

Animal Hospital of Pasco

High quality veterinary care is essential for us, given that we want to raise the most healthy and well socialized ragdoll kittens available.  We consider Animal Hospital of Pasco to be a partner with us in our success.  Dr. Benson, Dr. Oliver and the entire staff have made outstanding contributions to the health of our sweet ragdoll kittens and adult cats.  Each kitten is treated by them before their adoption day, ensuring that your experience will be everything you are hoping and expecting that it will be.  We recommend Animal Hospital of Pasco to all of our local ragdoll family, and know that you will be treated well there.

Life’s Abundance

We are delighted to have Life’s Abundance on our team as a provider of the highest quality nutrition for our awesome ragdoll cats and kittens.  Feline health absolutely depends on quality food that is high in protein and free of fillers.  Our ragdoll cats and kittens are healthy and happy, thanks at least in part to Life’s Abundance.  In addition to cat food and cat care products, they also have dog food and dog care products and human care products too.  Check it all out with these links and order through these links!

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