Beware of scammers!

We are grateful for the many new friends we have made throughout the years as our ragdoll family has grown.  There so many wonderful people who enjoy ragdoll kittens.

Unfortunately, we hear the sad experiences of people who were scammed while attempting to adopt a new ragdoll kitten.  Many times people are grieving the loss of a long-time pet.  Malicious, dishonest scammers cause them further hurt.

Too good to be true…

Please be aware!  If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Reputable Breeders

Your best bet is to work with a reputable breeder who is certified by CFA and TICA.  Catteries that work hard to meet the important requirements from TICA and CFA are going to treat people honestly.  Legitimate catteries will protect their reputation.

After their unfortunate scam experience we were able to help this wonderful couple to adopt a beautiful ragdoll kitten.  We appreciate their willingness to tell their story here.

Real Cat Scammer Story

Check out this story from a family who later adopted a kitten from us.  They have shared it, hoping that it might help someone else avoid getting ripped off.

“The gist of it was, they were offering Ragdolls for $650+$70 for shipping. They even offered to drive the kitten directly to my house for no extra charge. But then I got an email from the “shipping company” with a lot of misspelled words.  They said there was a complication, and I needed to “rent” a controlled air carrier for the kitten’s safety due to weather conditions. The rent charge was thousands of dollars, and they said they would refund 99% of the rent cost when I received the kitten.

Thankfully I got suspicious before sending them the extra thousands. I asked the seller to send a picture of the kitten with a sign with my name on it. Seller said they had already given the kitten to the shipping company. I called the “customer service” and gave them my tracking number, and the guy was saying the pet is safe, just send the extra money. Then I asked for a picture and he said it was a very big company, I couldn’t expect him to do anything specific about my one order. I asked for the contact number of the person at the company watching the kitten, and he just kept trying to tell me it was a really big company. 

Anyway, that was probably too ramble-y, but it’s what happened.  Suspiciously low price for a Ragdoll kitten, followed by a huge delivery cost that “would be mostly refunded.” When pressed, they couldn’t provide any evidence they actually had the kitten.  Finally, the seller started frantically saying I needed to “trust” him.

Tests to Identify a Cat Scammer

Here is a way you can test someone who you suspect might be a scammer: Ask them to write your name of a piece of paper and take a photo or video of it next to the kitten of your choice.

We are always willing to provide a “proof of legitimacy” picture for you.  Here is another similar option:  Take a selfie and email it to us.  We will print your picture and photograph the kitten you want with your printed picture.

Avoiding Cat Scammers

Here is a link to a page titled “Avoiding Cat Scammers”.  This has very detailed information about how to protect yourself, how to identify a cat scammer, and how to avoid being scammed.  We examined many scammer websites, communicated with the scammers and in the process we learned how to detect the fraudsters.  It isn’t casual reading.  We prepared the best suggestions and tools for evaluating whether someone is trying to scam you.  There is no better information on this topic anywhere. 

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