Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

Blue Point Ragdoll Cat

The Blue Point Ragdoll cat is an extraordinarily elegant variation of the breed.  It is known for its soft and gentle colors combined with the classic point coloration. This pattern creates a serene and ethereal appearance that is both charming and distinctive.

Blue Point Coat Color and Pattern

The primary coat color of a Blue Point Ragdoll is a pale, silvery-blue or bluish-gray, which covers most of their body. This gentle and serene blue shade serves as the canvas for the classic Point pattern to shine.

Blue Point Face Color and Pattern

Blue Point Ragdolls typically display a mask-like facial pattern with the darker blue coloration surrounding their eyes and extending to their nose. 

Their ears are adorned with the same deep blue color, which beautifully complements the silvery-blue body color, adding to their elegance.

One of the most captivating features of a Blue Point Ragdoll is their striking blue eyes. Their eyes are typically a deep, sapphire blue, which complements the overall color scheme of their coat.

Blue Point Body Color and Pattern

The Point pattern is characterized by specific darker coloration on certain areas of the cat’s body, including their ears, face, paws, and tail. In the case of the Blue Point Ragdoll, the points are a deep, slate-blue or grayish-blue.

Blue Point Tail Color and Pattern

Moving to the tail, these cats showcase a dark tail with a distinct ring pattern, where the dark coloration is more concentrated towards the tail’s tip, creating an eye-catching contrast.

Blue Point Paws Color and Pattern

The paws of a Blue Point Ragdoll are predominantly dark, with the color extending up their legs, resembling gloves or boots, which is characteristic of the Point pattern.


A Blue Point Ragdoll cat possesses a silvery-blue or bluish-gray body color that beautifully contrasts with their deep blue “Point” pattern on the ears, face, paws, and tail. This combination of colors and patterns creates a harmonious and stunning look, making Blue Point Ragdolls truly enchanting and elegant companions for cat enthusiasts.

Blue Point Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

Ragdoll cats are known for their gentle and docile nature. They are affectionate, often following their owners around, and enjoy being cradled like a ragdoll when picked up. These cats are typically quiet and sociable, making them great companions.

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