Caring for Adorable Ragdoll Cats

Caring for Adorable Ragdoll Cats<br />
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Adopting a cute ragdoll kitten is one of the most exciting pet experiences you can have.  The soft, cuddly, playfulness of ragdoll kittens is unlike any other pet.  Caring for adorable ragdoll cats will need your attention to important details.

Caring for Adorable Ragdoll Cats

Here we provide help and guidance about how to care for your new ball of fur.  Caring for adorable ragdoll cats (and kittens) can be much easier when you know about the ragdoll breed, important medical details, health guarantees, preparing for the adoption day, helping your kitten get settled in your home, and products that we recommend.

About Ragdoll Cats

This section provides information about the ragdoll cat breed, what makes it unique, and dispels some of the myths out there.

Check out the following topics:

Medical Topics

Caring for ragdolls requires regular veterinary care and important vaccinations.

Check out the following topics:

Health Guarantees from Riverside Rags

We provide two health guarantees for our kittens.  Our optional 10-year health guarantee is unprecedented.  As far as we know, no other ragdoll kitten breeder offers anything like this.  When you properly care for your ragdoll cat you can expect a long and healthy life for this special addition to your family.

Preparing to Adopt and Care for a Ragdoll Kitten

As your exciting adoption date for your new fluff ball approaches, there are some things you can do to prepare to care for your ragdoll kitten.

Here are some helpful tips:

The First Few Weeks

This will be a time of adjustment for your family – both the humans and the new furry feline.  Here are things you can do to care for your kitten and to make this transition fun, healthy and successful.

Suggestions for your consideration:

  • The first few weeks

  • Change can be stressful for a kitten

  • Introducing your new kitten to your other pets

  • Litter box success

Recommended Products

Without question, people who adopt a ragdoll kitten know how special their fur baby is.  They want to provide the best care for their ragdoll.  There are many products available that will make your kitty’s life better (and your life better too!)  There are so many things out there and so much advertising… where do you start?  How can you know if the products are worthwhile?  Will your kitten like them?

Check out our recommendations for things you can’t live without, things that are optional if your situation applies, and things that are just plain fun!

As we mentioned above, every product we recommend here we have used unless we specifically state otherwise.  Many of these items we continue to use each day, while others have been helpful for circumstances that no longer exist for us, but are probably applicable to many people.

If you have been pleased with a product that we don’t have listed, please drop us a line and let us know about it.  We like to try different products and solutions to see how well they work.  Hopefully others can benefit from your experience too.

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