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This page will help you with the process of choosing pickup or delivery.

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Choosing Pickup or Delivery?

Congratulations!  You are soon to adopt a gorgeous ragdoll kitten!  Adoption day will be a wonderful experience!

It is time to determine whether you would like to come to Pasco WA to pick up your new fur ball or whether you would prefer delivery service.

Let’s explore the options:

If You Live within Driving Distance of Pasco, WA

Pickup at our In-Home Cattery in Pasco

If you live within driving distance to Pasco WA and would like to come to our in-home cattery, welcome!  We love to meet new ragdoll families!  Please contact us and we will schedule an appointment for you.

For people who live in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, driving to Pasco will usually be your the most economical way to receive your new kitten.  Plus, you can make a road trip adventure out of it and see some of the sights along the way.  A couple of years ago a family from California had t-shirts made with a photo of their new kitten, and took a motor home vacation to drive up to Washington to pickup their ragdoll kitten.  What a fun idea!  Other couples have driven from Nevada, Utah and Arizona for kittens.

Whatever your definition of “driving distance” is, it can be a great road trip experience to come and pick up your beautiful blue-eyed kitten in person.

Delivery Service in the Pacific Northwest

If you live in the Pacific Northwest and would prefer to have your kitten delivered to you, we will be happy to arrange to drive to your area and bring your fluffy soft kitten to you.  We normally arrange to meet at a convenient location in each metro area shown on the map below.  However, we are certainly willing to deliver to other locations that would be more convenient for you.

If you choose in-person pickup or delivery by car we will have a gift basket for you

If you choose in-person pickup, delivery by car, or fly-in/fly-out we will have a gift basket for you!  Unfortunately it doesn’t work with air cargo delivery.

Pasco, WA

Shell Station near I-90 & I-405 in Bellevue, WA

Love's Fuel Station on I-84 in Troutdale, WA

76 Gas Station on I-90 near the Spokane Airport

76 Gas Station near I-90 in Ellensburg, WA

Shell Station on I-84 in Meridian ID

We can also make arrangements with you do meet you at a location that may be more convenient than the ones shown on the map.  For example, Auburn WA, Pendleton OR, Wenatchee WA, Coeur d’Alene ID, etc.  We will calculate the cost for a specific location you request and anticipate that it would be roughly proportional to the travel distances, but possibly affected by other complicating factors.  Please let us know if you would prefer a different delivery location and we will explore those options with you.

Typical Delivery Locations

Bellevue, WA – $390
Shell Service Station
3670 150th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA 98006

Ellensburg, WA – $215
76 Service Station
1716 Canyon Rd, Ellensburg, WA 98926

Spokane, WA – $240
76 Service Station
4110 S Fosseen Rd, Spokane, WA 99224

Troutdale, OR – $390
Love’s Service Station
400 NW Frontage Road, Troutdale, OR

Meridian, ID – $530
Shell Service Station
1585 S Meridian Rd, Meridian, ID 83642

Discounted delivery cost – $150
If we happen to be traveling for personal reasons near one of the locations listed above, we may be able to offer discounted delivery costs if you can meet us at a time that is compatible with our schedule. 

If You Live Outside the Pacific Northwest

Air travel will be needed to pickup or deliver your new ragdoll kitten.  There are three ways we do this:

Custom Riverside Rags Kitty Snuggle Blanket. Air cargo delivery will include a custom Riverside Rags snuggle blanket for your kitty

Fly-in / Fly-out Pickup at the Tri-Cities (Pasco WA) Airport (PSC)

The Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco WA is a small-to-medium sized airport with direct non-stop service from several key locations in the US.

The great thing about this is that airlines fly into Pasco, then turn around and fly back to their origination within an hour.  This is an extremely useful and cost-effective way for you to come to Pasco, pick up your kitten and return home in a 6 or 7 hour total travel time.  This is convenient for you and minimizes travel stress for your new ragdoll kitten.  Fly-in / Fly-out is the most economical way to pick up your new kitty from 10 locations around the country.

Of course, you can certainly fly to Pasco from anywhere in the United States to pick up your kitten.  Delta, United and Alaska are the major airlines serving the Tri-Cities airport, along with smaller airlines Allegiant and Avelo.  This is also more economical than in-person delivery via air travel.  Plus, it is a great way to visit the the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We will coordinate with you to schedule your pickup to match your travel plans.

Probable Cost Range – $300 to $650
Your non-stop Fly-in / Fly-out costs will be affected by the class of tickets you purchase and choice of flight schedule.  You can make it as economical as you want to or live it up with first class travel!

Probable Cost Range – market price
Your fly from anywhere travel costs will vary depending on where you are traveling from, the length of your stay, the class of airline tickets you purchase, and the airline travel demand at the time.

Tri-Cities Airport, Pasco, WA (PSC)

Alaska and Delta Airlines, Seattle WA (SEA)

Delta Airlines, Salt Lake City UT (SLC)

United Airlines, Denver CO (DEN)

Allegiant Airlines, Las Vegas NV (LAS)

Avelo Airlines, Burbank/Los Angeles CA (BUR)

Allegiant Air (seasonal), Los Angeles CA (LAX)

Delta Airlines, Minneapolis MN (MSP)

Allegiant Airlines, Mesa AZ (AZ)

Allegiant Air (seasonal), San Diego CA (SDG)

United Airlines, San Francisco CA (SFO)

Fly-in / Fly-out (non-stop flights)

from these cities to Pasco WA

Denver CO (DEN) – United Airlines

Las Vegas NV (LAS) – Allegiant Airlines

Burbank/Los Angeles CA (BUR)  – Avelo Airlines

Los Angeles CA (LAX) – Allegiant Air (seasonal)

Minneapolis MN (MSP) – Delta Airlines

Mesa/Phoenix AZ (AZ) – Allegiant Airlines

Salt Lake City UT (SLC) – Delta Airlines

San Diego CA (SDG) – Allegiant Air (seasonal)

San Francisco CA (SFO) – United Airlines

Seattle WA (SEA) – Alaska & Delta Airlines

PSC is a small airport.  There are 5 gates.  When you get off the plane it will take 1 or 2 minutes at most to walk from the gate and out through the security doors.  We will meet you there.  It will only take 5 minutes or so to give you your new kitten and show you the veterinary papers and contract.  Then, you walk around to the other side of the wall roughly 50 feet away to get back into the very short security line.

If you try to book a round-trip flight, the airline might say “not enough time.”  Instead, book two 1-way flights.  This has worked every time.  Please let us know if you have any questions about fly-in/fly-out.

Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) Fly-in Fly-out Map
Fly in Fly out kitten delivery
Fly in Fly out kitten delivery
Fly in Fly out kitten delivery

Personal delivery via Air Travel (in-cabin carry on)

We delivery kittens anywhere in the United States via personal delivery air travel.  Your sweet little ragdoll kitten will be hand-carried on the plane (in-cabin) and delivered to you in person at any airport with commercial airline service.  This delivery method may be needed in some locations during the coldest winter months and hottest summer months.  Hand-carrying a kitten via air travel also makes it possible adapt to flight cancellations and weather delays because we provide continuous care for your new kitten.  

If you prefer hand-carried in person delivery via air travel, please contact us.  We will work with you to schedule the flight to arrive at a date and time that are convenient for you.

Soft side carrier for in-cabin airline travel

Probable Cost Range – $800 to $1,500+
The cost for this service will be determined by the flights, time required, lodging and perdiem arrangements that we make in coordination with you.

Discounted Delivery Cost – $150 to $200
When we happen to be flying to an area of the country to visit friends and family, we may be able to offer substantial discounts if you would like us to hand-carry a new kitten to you on our flight.  Washington DC, Minneapolis, South Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and California are some of our most common destinations.  The arrangements would need to match our travel schedule, but it will save you a lot of money if we can make it work.

Delivery via Air Cargo Shipping

The third way to safely and comfortably deliver ragdoll kittens to you at major airports anywhere in the United States is via air cargo shipping.  See this map showing where our ragdoll kittens now live throughout the country, many of which were shipped via air cargo.

If you would prefer to receive your new kitty via air cargo shipping, please contact us and help determine the closest airport to you that receives air cargo cat shipping.

Please see this page for the full details about how air cargo shipping works.

Air Cargo Kennel


Probable Cost Range – $750 to $1,000+
The cost for this service will be determined by the travel arrangements that can be made and which options you would prefer.  See this page for information about the costs for air cargo shipping.

Delivery to Hawaii

Yes!  We deliver and ship to Hawaii.  It is a very involved and time-consuming process to meet the requirements of the State of Hawaii for bringing a cat to the islands.  If you need shipping or delivery to Hawaii, please contact us to discuss how we handle this.

Delivery to Canada

We also deliver and ship to Canada.  Although it is not a complicated as delivery to Hawaii, there are some important considerations when shipping a kitten to destinations in Canada.  Please contact us if you need delivery to Canada.

Let us help you explore which pickup or delivery option is best for you

Call us!  Let’s discuss which pickup option or delivery option, whether by car or air travel, will best meet your needs and timing circumstances.  You will be amazed how flexible the various options can be for you to receive your new purring fluff ball!

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