Cream Mitted Ragdoll Cat

Cream Mitted Ragdoll Cat

The Cream Mitted Ragdoll cat is an entrancing and elegant variation of the breed.  It is lauded for its soft and creamy hues combined with the classic Mitted pattern. This pattern creates a appealing and harmonious appearance that is both charming and distinctive.

Cream Mitted Coat Color and Pattern

The primary coat color of a Cream Mitted Ragdoll is a pale, creamy ivory that covers most of their body, providing a gentle and inviting backdrop for the classic Mitted pattern.

The Cream color is a dilute of the Red or Flame color and is lighter in appearance.  The word “dilute” is a term that means “lighter” or “less-concentrated.”

Cream Mitted Body Color and Pattern

The Mitted pattern is defined by specific darker coloration on the ears, face, paws, and tail, with a characteristic white “mittens” or boots on the front legs and often white “socks” on the hind legs.

Cream Mitted Face Color and Pattern

Starting with their face, Cream Mitted Ragdolls often exhibit a mask-like pattern with the darker cream coloration typically surrounding their eyes and extending to their nose, creating a breathtaking, mystical countenance.

Their ears are adorned with the same warm cream color, creating a balanced and charming appearance.

One of the most captivating features of a Cream Mitted Ragdoll is their heart-melting blue eyes, which beautifully complement the overall color scheme of their coat, adding to their enchanting and serene appearance.

Cream Mitted Paw Color and Pattern

The paws of a Cream Mitted Ragdoll are predominantly dark cream, resembling traditional point patterns, but the mitted characteristic is evident, with white “mittens” on the front legs and often white “socks” on the hind legs.

Cream Mitted Tail Color and Pattern

Moving to the tail, these cats often showcase a dark tail with a distinct ring pattern, where the dark coloration is more concentrated towards the tail’s tip, creating an eye-catching contrast.


A Cream Mitted Ragdoll cat possesses a creamy ivory body color that harmoniously combines with the classic Mitted pattern, featuring dark cream points on the ears, face, paws, and tail, along with white “mittens” on the front legs and often white “socks” on the hind legs. This combination of colors and patterns creates a breathtakingly beautiful and elegant look that is sure to captivate anyone who encounters them. Cream Mitted Ragdolls are not only stunning but also known for their gentle and affectionate nature, making them cherished companions for cat enthusiasts.

Cream Mitted Ragdoll Cat Characteristics

The Ragdoll cat’s personality is marked by its laid-back and trusting nature. They are known for going limp when held, and are highly affectionate and attached to their human families. These cats are gentle giants with a sweet temperament, making them perfect for those seeking a loving feline companion. 

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