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Fly-in / Fly-out Pickup at the Tri-Cities (Pasco WA) Airport (PSC)

The Tri-Cities Airport in Pasco WA is a small-to-medium sized airport with direct non-stop service from several key locations in the US.

There are several convenient and inexpensive air travel options where customers fly in, receive their ragdoll kitten at the PSC airport and depart for home within the hour.  The following cities have direct, non-stop flights to our airport:

Fly-in / Fly-out

Direct Non-stop Flights to Pasco PSC

Denver CO – DENUnitedUnited Airlines DEN to PSC
Las Vegas NV – LASAllegiantAllegiant Air LAS to PSC
Los Angeles (Burbank) CA – BURAveloAvelo Airlines MRY to PSC
Los Angeles CA – LAXAllegiant (seasonal)Allegiant Air LAX to PSC
Minneapolis MN – MSPDeltaDelta Airlines MSP to PSC
Monterey CA – MRYAlaskaAlaska Airlines MRY to PSC
Phoenix AZ – PHXAmerican AirlinesAmerican Airlines PHX to PSC
Phoenix (Mesa) AZ – AZAAllegiantAllegiant Air AZA to PSC
Salt Lake City UT – SLCDeltaDelta Airlines SLC to PSC
San Francisco CA – SFOUnitedUnited Airlines SFO to PSC
Santa Rosa CA – STSAveloAvelo Airlines MRY to PSC
Seattle WA – SEADelta and AlaskaDelta Airlines SEA to PSC  Alaska Airlines SEA to PSC


Fly-in / Fly-out at Pasco

The great thing about this is that airlines fly into Pasco, then turn around and fly back to their origination within an hour.  This is an extremely useful and cost-effective way for you to come to Pasco, pick up your kitten and return home in a 6 or 7 hour total travel time.  This is convenient for you and minimizes travel stress for your new ragdoll kitten.  Fly-in / Fly-out is the most economical way to pick up your new kitty from 10+ locations around the country.

Of course, you can certainly fly to Pasco from anywhere in the United States to pick up your kitten.  Delta, United, Alaska and American Airlines are the major airlines serving the Tri-Cities airport, along with smaller airlines Allegiant and Avelo.  This is also more economical than in-person delivery via air travel.  Plus, it is a great way to visit the the beautiful Pacific Northwest.  We will coordinate with you to schedule your pickup to match your travel plans.

Fly-in / Fly-out Costs

Probable Cost Range – $300 to $650
Your non-stop Fly-in / Fly-out costs will be affected by the class of tickets you purchase and choice of flight schedule.  You can make it as economical as you want to or live it up with first class travel!

Probable Cost Range – market price
Your fly from anywhere travel costs will vary depending on where you are traveling from, the length of your stay, the class of airline tickets you purchase, and the airline travel demand at the time.

Tri-Cities Airport, Pasco, WA (PSC)

Alaska and Delta Airlines, Seattle WA (SEA)

Delta Airlines, Salt Lake City UT (SLC)

United Airlines, Denver CO (DEN)

Allegiant Airlines, Las Vegas NV (LAS)

Avelo Airlines, Burbank/Los Angeles CA (BUR)

Allegiant Air (seasonal), Los Angeles CA (LAX)

Delta Airlines, Minneapolis MN (MSP)

Allegiant Airlines, Mesa AZ (AZA)

United Airlines, San Francisco CA (SFO)

Alaska Airlines, Monterey CA (MRY)

American Airlines, Phoenix AZ (PHX)

Avelo Airlines, Santa Rosa CA (STS)

Fly-in / Fly-out (non-stop flights)

from these cities to Pasco WA

Denver CO (DEN) – United Airlines

Las Vegas NV (LAS) – Allegiant Airlines

Burbank/Los Angeles CA (BUR)  – Avelo Airlines

Los Angeles CA (LAX) – Allegiant Air (seasonal)

Minneapolis MN (MSP) – Delta Airlines

Mesa/Phoenix AZ (AZA) – Allegiant Airlines

Monterey CA (MRY) – Alaska Airlines

Phoenix AZ (PHX)American Airlines

Salt Lake City UT (SLC) – Delta Airlines

San Francisco CA (SFO) – United Airlines

Santa Rosa CA (STS)  – Avelo Airlines

Seattle WA (SEA) – Alaska & Delta Airlines

Pasco Airport

PSC is a small airport, making it quick to turn around for Fly-in / Fly-out.  There are 5 gates.  When you get off the plane it will take 1 or 2 minutes at most to walk from the gate and out through the security doors.  We will meet you there.

If you try to book a round-trip flight, the airline might say “not enough time.”  Instead, book two 1-way flights.  This has worked every time.  Please let us know if you have any questions about fly-in/fly-out.

Fly-in Fly-out<br />
Tri-Cities Airport (PSC) map

Fly-in / Fly-out Preparations​

When you come to the Pasco airport, you will carry your sweet little ragdoll kitten on the plane (in-cabin) with you.

Please bring a soft-sided kitten carrier with you (in-cabin carry on) such as this one:

Because the elapsed time between your flights will most likely be quite short, we take precautions to help expedite the process. We make certain to be at the airport ahead of schedule. We track your flights progress and adjust our schedule accordingly.Once you arrive, we will take an adoption photo of you and your new kitten, give you a small gift package and your furbaby’s papers (vaccination records, etc.) and say goodbye. All of this will only take 5 minutes or so. Soft side carrier for in-cabin airline travel

If possible, please purchase a ticket for your kitten to fly with you ahead of time.

Once we say goodbye, you’ll simply take a 10-second walk over to the security line. If you’re unable to check-in for your departing flight ahead of time, you might need to go to the ticket counter which is about a 15-second walk. Once you’re checked in and have your kitten in-hand, you’ll pass through security and wait with your new ball of fur! You’ll have to hold on tight though because everyone else will be jealous of you!

And no worries…

Showing only a 40-minute layover can feel stressful but we’ve done this many times before and it’s not a problem as long as you are prepared in advance. The plane you arrive on is the plane you’ll depart on (as long as it’s the same airline) so even if your plane is late, the airline personnel still need a minimun amount of time to clean the plane and get everyone on board. As long as you are at the gate waiting, you’ll be fine! 🙂

Fly in Fly out kitten delivery
Fly in Fly out kitten delivery
Fly in Fly out kitten delivery
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