Hand Delivery by Air

Hand Delivery by Air

You might wish to receive delivery of your sweet little furball hand delivered by air travel.  This page describes two options for hand delivery by air service.

In-cabin Carry-on by Us (Riverside Rags)

We deliver kittens to any airport with commercial airline service in the United States via personal delivery air travel.  Your sweet little ragdoll kitten will be hand-carried on the plane (in-cabin) and delivered to you in person.  This delivery method may be needed in some locations during the coldest winter months and hottest summer months.  While hand-carrying a kitten via air travel we provide continuous care for your new kitten.  This makes it possible to adapt to flight cancellations and weather delays.

If you prefer hand-carried in person delivery via air travel, please contact us.  We will work with you to schedule the flight to arrive at a date and time that are convenient for you.

Custom Riverside Rags Kitty Snuggle Blanket. Air cargo delivery will include a custom Riverside Rags snuggle blanket for your kitty

If you choose in-cabin carry-on, we will have a small gift bag and blanket for you!

Probable Cost Range – $800 to $1,500+

The cost for this service includes the flights, time required, lodging and perdiem arrangements.  We will make these arrangements in coordination with you.

Discounted Delivery Cost – $150 to $200

When we happen to be flying somewhere to visit friends and family, we may be able to offer substantial discounts to hand-carry a new kitten to you on our flight.  Washington DC, Minneapolis, South Carolina, Arizona, Colorado, Utah and California are some of our most common destinations.  The arrangements would need to match our travel schedule, but it will save you a lot of money if we can make it work.

In-cabin Carry-on by a Flight Pet Nanny

We are happy to announce two new delivery options for your convenience! Flight pet nannies come to the Pasco airport (PSC) where we meet them with your kitten. We have everything ready for your nanny including a kitten carrier and a small amount of food in case of delays. Once we say goodbye to your furbaby, your nanny takes care of the rest! They will be in contact with you until your new family member is safely in your arms.

Two Service Options

We have used Pet Commute and Pet Jet Pals successfully and recommend them both without hesitation. To begin the process and get a quote for your kitten delivery, simply click on the links and ask for delivery from the PSC airport*. This is an excellent option if you live outside the Pacific Northwest and are unable to fly into Pasco yourself. Not only will a pet nanny save you time, they are likely also to save you some money. 

Flexible Schedule

The only downside to using a flight nanny is the possibility of a schedule change. Because they fly stand-by, your pick-up schedule must be flexible. If you are able to be flexible in the pick-up date and time, this can be the next best choice to coming yourself. 😺

Probable Cost Range – $750 to ??? 

The cost for this service will be determined by the logistics necessary to travel to your desired location. 

In-Flight Pet Nannies:

*Due to the element of uncertain schedules when using a flight nanny (delays can happen when flying standby), we can only send our kittens out of the Pasco Airport (PSC).  

Riverside Rags purebred ragdoll kittens for sale

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