High Quality Kitten Photography

Have you noticed the beautiful, detailed photos of the kittens we have available for adoption? We work very hard to produce very high quality kitten photography.

It is very important to show clear pictures of each kitten so that you can see and choose the heart-melting ragdoll furbaby that is right for you.

Here are the details about how we take our kitten photos, and why this is important.

Certified Ragdoll Breeder
High Quality Kitten Photography Studio

High Quality Kitten Photography Studio

We put a great deal of effort into taking high quality professional photos of our kittens. Our investment in a photo studio with lighting and diffusers, backdrops and a state-of-the-art DSLR camera with a large lens makes it possible to take awesome photos of each lovable kitten. Cell phone cameras don’t come close to capturing the soft fur and gorgeous blue eyes of our kittens.


Representing size in photos and videos can be challenging. Camera angles and lighting can influence perception of size. While the colors are as close to real-life as they can be, please keep in mind that baby kitties are baby-sized little snugglers. Meow!


Photographing personality is also difficult. Most kittens are playful at times and snuggly calm at other times. We try hard to capture the broad range of each kitten’s personality.


We do our very best to accurately represent each kitten’s coloring so that you know exactly what your sweet little furball looks like. When new families receive their kitten, we often hear comments such as, “Oh my, he looks just like his picture!”

You may have noticed that we photograph each kitten using the same background, lighting and camera settings (f-stop 2.8, ISO 500, 0.25s shutter speed, 5500K lighting). This is very purposeful. Consistent photography makes it possible for you to compare the coloration differences of each kitten. We typically don’t use artistic props because they may alter the perception of kitten colors and they can obstruct views of the kitten.

High Quality Kitten Photography Booth
Certified Ragdoll Breeder

Requests for Additional Kitten Photos

Please understand that the time and effort required to produce high quality kitten photography is significant.  In the listing for each kitten we provide upwards of 20 photos.  That is a lot of ragdoll kitten photos!

We frequently receive requests for additional photographs of a kitten.  Before requesting additional photos, did you see all of the pictures that are already posted? 

We are very willing to take a quick cell phone photo with your name on a piece of paper to prove that we are a genuine ragdoll breeder (not a scammer).  On this note, consider this: scammers don’t (can’t) produce photography like this because it takes too much time, effort, expertise and investment, not to mention that they don’t have any kittens – they just steal random photos from other websites.

However, be aware that if you ask for a cellphone snapshot, it can’t possibly match the color, clarity and quality of our studio photography.

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