I paid the deposit… When and how do I pay the balance?

Balance of Payment Due

Thank you for the deposit.  The remaining balance of the payment for your new kitten will include delivery or shipping fees (unless you plan to pick up your kitten at our in-home cattery), taxes, and any applicable transaction fees.  The due date for the balance depends on when your new furball is ready to go to his new home with you:



When will my ragdoll be “Ready to Go”?

A kitten is “ready to go” (RtG) to her new home when she:

  1. weighs 2 lbs or more (or is very close to that weight).
  2. is fully weaned.
  3. is litter-box trained.
  4. has received at least the first round of vaccines.

These milestones are usually accomplished by 12 weeks, but sometimes it can be a couple of weeks earlier or later. If a mother has a large number of kittens in her litter (five, six or seven, for example), they might take a while longer to reach the same size and weight as kittens from a litter of one, two or three.

When do I pay the balance?

If you make a deposit on a young fluffy bundle of fun, it is likely that your kitten will not yet be ready to go.  We will probably be able to give you a target date of when we expect him to be RtG and we will let you know when he does.  At that point, we will contact you and request the balance of the payment in the next day or two.

On the other hand, if you choose a sweet kitty that is already RtG, we will request payment in full within a couple of days of making your deposit, after we coordinate any necessary delivery arrangements with you.



How do I pay the balance?

In-person pick soon after your kitten is ready to go

If you are picking up your new furbaby at our in-home cattery within a week after she reaches RtG status, we will accept payment at the time you pick her up.  You are welcome to use the following two payment methods, whichever you prefer:

  1. Cash (preferred)
  2. Cashier’s check (preferred)
  3. Paypal or credit card

All other arrangements

For all other cases (any delivery service or when the in-person pickup is scheduled for some time after your new kitty reaches RtG status), the following payment methods are accepted:

    1. Mail a cashier’s check
    2. Paypal (you can use a credit card, a debit card, or a direct transfer from your bank)
    3. Call us and provide a credit card over the phone

    Request for payment of balance due

    After making arrangements for any delivery services, we will send you a request for payment that details the delivery service costs, taxes, etc. and that also shows that your deposit has been applied.  Please wait to receive the request for payment before making the final payment.

    Optimal Transition

    Our primary objective is to optimize the transition process for the well-being of each kitten.  When the full payment is made, the person adopting the new kitten is demonstrating that they are equally committed to the best interests of the kitten and best-case outcomes.  We are honored to be part of the adoption of your special new kitten.

    Please let us know if there are any questions that may apply to your specific circumstances.

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