Our 3-Year Health Guarantee

All ragdoll kittens adopted from Riverside Rags, LLC receive a 3-Year Health Guarantee from date of birth.

Here are the important details:

Kitten Health

The health of your sweet kitten throughout his/her life is directly related to the every-day care you provide.  Proper food, clean water, a clean environment and regular veterinary care are essential for a long and healthy life.  We work very hard to keep each ragdoll free from infections and illness until they are adopted.  When you adopt a new kitten, you become responsible to continue caring for your indoor pet.

3-Year Health Guarantee

These loving kittens are guaranteed up to their third birthday to be free of any death-causing congenital diseases. In the event of death before age three, a report from a licensed veterinarian stating that the death was caused by a hereditary disease is required.  The veterinarian’s report must be sent to Riverside Rags to be reviewed by our veterinarian. If our veterinarian concurs with the diagnosis, Riverside Rags will offer a replacement kitten from the next litter with an available kitten of the same gender and equal value.

There are no cash refunds.  The total value of this guarantee is the price of the kitten, not including shipping, medical or other costs.

Please note that this guarantee does not cover medical treatment for living ragdolls.  It also does not cover death due to injury or negligence (lack of proper food, water, environment, medical care, etc.)  It only covers the equal value replacement of a kitten that dies due to a disease that it is born with (“congenital”).

This guarantee is on par with industry practice and even exceeds what many breeders offer.  The testing we perform, the cleanliness of our cattery, the top quality nutrition, and the outstanding veterinary services our kittens receive result in the healthy, beautiful ragdoll kittens available to you for adoption.

We are confident that the stunning kittens you adopt from Riverside Rags will be healthy and will give you many years of enjoyment.

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