Picking up at our Home

Picking up at our home is a great way to get your new ragdoll kitten

Pick up at our in-home cattery

If you live within driving distance to Pasco WA and would like to come to our in-home cattery, welcome!  We love to meet new ragdoll families!  Please contact us and we will schedule an appointment for you.

For people who live in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, driving to Pasco will usually be your the most economical way to receive your new kitten.  Plus, you can make a road trip adventure out of it and see some of the sights along the way.  A couple of years ago a family from California had t-shirts made with a photo of their new kitten, and took a motor home vacation to drive up to Washington to pickup their ragdoll kitten.  What a fun idea!  Other couples have driven from Nevada, Utah and Arizona for kittens.

Whatever your definition of “driving distance” is, it can be a great road trip experience to come and pick up your beautiful blue-eyed kitten in person.


If you choose in-person pickup or delivery by car we will have a gift basket for you

If you choose in-person pickup, delivery by car, or fly-in/fly-out we will have a gift basket for you!  Unfortunately it doesn’t work with air cargo delivery.

Here are some important details about your upcoming visit to pick up at our home:

Planning your visit

We will be welcoming you to our home where we raise the kittens. It isn’t a retail store where there are regular store hours, like Petco or Petsmart. Just like you, we aren’t always home – sometimes are gone to the store or school for our children or their various activities. Like everyone, we are doing our best to balance family needs with all of the other important activities in life.  We receive visitors by appointment.

Schedule an Appointment

We will schedule with you and set an appointment to meet you at a time that works for both of us. It is important that you be on time for your scheduled appointment because we might have a narrow window of opportunity to meet you before another scheduled event in our family life.

If your schedule changes, please let us know as soon as possible so that we can both adjust to the next available window of time. Hopefully it won’t be problematic, but sometimes there are scheduled appointments at the doctor or other errands that can’t be adjusted without significant disruption.

Travel Progress

If you are driving to Pasco, please text us your GPS arrival forecasts to keep us apprised of your progress. There can be construction delays or weather delays so it is helpful to know how your trip is progressing.

If you arrive early

If you happen to arrive early in Pasco, please consider stopping for a quick bite to eat first so that you can adjust your arrival time at our home as scheduled. We are normally not prepared for an early arrival because we prefer to bathe and dry your new kitten just before you arrive and this process takes a couple of hours. We time these preparations to match your scheduled arrival time.

Remember to bring a travel carrier

Please remember to bring a travel carrier for your new little ball of fur.

Soft side carrier for in-cabin airline travel

In all likelihood she will enjoy sleeping on your lap or purring on your shoulder during the ride home.  But you still need to put your kitty inside the carrier while carring him from our home to your car, and then into your own home when you arrive.  Using a travel carrier outdoors will protect your sweet kitten from being startled by outdoor noises and and that new experience.

Most of all we want to make your visit to our home on the bank of the Columbia River a great experience so that you and your new sweet kitty have a memorable first meeting!

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