Picking up in Pasco

Picking up your new ragdoll kitten in Pasco is easy and fun!

Pickup in person from our home or from the Pasco Airport (PSC)

  • Driving to our homeWe are located on the bank of the Columbia River in the beautiful Tri-Cities Washington area where our ragdolls can watch the birds soaring, the fish jumping, and other wildlife through their picture window view of the river.  Our central Pacific Northwest location is near Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Boise.  This makes it very convenient for people to pickup their new ragdoll kitten.  We will schedule a convenient appointment with you to come to our in-home cattery. Please click here for details on coming to our home.

  • Flying to Pasco via the Fly-in / Fly-out option – We serve customers nationwide. There are several convenient and inexpensive air travel options where customers fly in, receive their ragdoll kitten at the PSC airport and depart for home within the hour.  For a list of cities that have direct, non-stop flights to our airport and to learn more about this option, click here.

Picking up a Ragdoll Kitten is an Adventure

Whether you are driving or flying it is fun to see a place you might not have visited before.  You can explore the sights, history and new local restaurants.  Enjoy a day trip with friends and family while picking up your new ragdoll kitten!  

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