Pacific Northwest and Nationwide Delivery

Our location

We are located on the bank of the Columbia River in the beautiful Tri-Cities Washington area where our ragdolls can watch the birds soaring, the fish jumping, and other wildlife through their picture window view of the river.

In-person pickup

Our central Pacific Northwest location is near Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Boise.  This makes it very convenient for people to pickup their new ragdoll kitten.  We will schedule a convenient appointment with you to come to our in-home cattery.

Delivery via car

We regularly deliver kittens by car throughout the Pacific Northwest from our central location.

Delivery via air

We serve customers nationwide. There are several convenient and inexpensive air travel options where customers fly in, receive their ragdoll kitten at the PSC airport and depart for home within the hour.  The following cities have direct, non-stop flights to our airport:

Denver CO – DENUnited
Las Vegas NV – LASAllegiant
Los Angeles (Burbank) CA – BURAvelo
Los Angeles CA – LAXAllegiant (seasonal)
Minneapolis MN – MSPDelta
Phoenix (Mesa) AZAllegiant
Salt Lake City UT – SLCDelta
San Diego CA – SDGAllegiant (seasonal)
San Francisco CA – SFOUnited
Seattle WA – SEADelta and Alaska

We also hand-carry (Delta, United, Alaska, Allegiant and Avelo airlines) and safely ship (Alaska airline) ragdoll kittens via air travel anywhere in the US that these airlines fly.