Ragdoll Kittens – Pickup, delivery and shipping options

We offer Pacific Northwest and Nationwide Delivery.

Pickup or Delivery?

Congratulations!  You are soon to adopt a gorgeous ragdoll kitten!  Adoption day will be a wonderful experience!  This page will help you with the process of choosing pickup or delivery.

It is time to determine whether you would like to come to Pasco WA to pick up your new fur ball or whether you would prefer delivery service.

Let’s explore the options:

Pickup in person from our home or from the Pasco Airport (PSC)

  • Driving to our homeWe are located on the bank of the Columbia River in the beautiful Tri-Cities Washington area where our ragdolls can watch the birds soaring, the fish jumping, and other wildlife through their picture window view of the river.Our central Pacific Northwest location is near Seattle, Portland, Spokane and Boise.  This makes it very convenient for people to pickup their new ragdoll kitten.  We will schedule a convenient appointment with you to come to our in-home cattery. Please click here for details on coming to our home.

  • Flying to Pasco via the Fly-in/Fly Out option – We serve customers nationwide. There are several convenient and inexpensive air travel options where customers fly in, receive their ragdoll kitten at the PSC airport and depart for home within the hour.  For a list of cities that have direct, non-stop flights to our airport and to learn more about this option, click here.

Hand Delivery

  • Hand Delivery by Car – We regularly deliver kittens by car throughout the Pacific Northwest from our central location. Check out the options, and then contact us to explore how to conveniently receive delivery of your beautiful new Ragdoll kitten anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and Nationwide.


  • Hand Delivery by Air Travel – If you would prefer the convenience of delivery and don’t live within driving distance of Pasco, WA, we can hand-carry your purring ragdoll kitten to you anywhere in the nation via in-person air travel (Delta, United, Alaska, American, Allegiant and Avelo airlines). Click here for details on this option.

Shipping via Air Cargo

We regularly and safely ship kittens via air cargo around the country.  On Alaska airlines Cargo, our ragdoll kittens travel safely and comfortably in the temperature controlled and air pressure controlled cargo space, arriving happy and healthy to you.

Special considerations

We have sent our kittens to Hawaii, Mexico and Canada. Please contact us for more information on these destinations.

Delivery to Hawaii

Yes!  We deliver and ship to Hawaii.  It is a very involved and time-consuming process to meet the requirements of the State of Hawaii for bringing a cat to the islands.  If you need shipping or delivery to Hawaii, please contact us to discuss how we handle this.

Delivery to Canada

We also deliver and ship to Canada.  Although it is not a complicated as delivery to Hawaii, there are some important considerations when shipping a kitten to destinations in Canada.  Please contact us if you need delivery to Canada.

Please contact us if you have other special needs.

Let us help you explore which pickup or delivery option is best for you

Call us!  Let’s discuss which pickup option or delivery option, whether by car or air travel, will best meet your needs and timing circumstances.  You will be amazed how flexible the various options can be for you to receive your new purring fluff ball!

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