Blue Tortie Bicolor ragdoll kitten – Ivy

Blue Tortie Bicolor ragdoll kitten – Ivy

TICA Registered • CFA Registered

Ivy is a real lovebug! She loves to snuggle under a blanket or is happy just to be carried around in our toddler’s backpack or picnic basket!

BIRTHDATE – February 29, 2024
COLOR and PATTERN – Blue Tortie Bicolor
SEX – Female
HAIR – Long Haired

READY TO GO forecast – May 14, 2024

She is full of personality! She can’t decide if she wants to be a professional volleyball spiker, teach others the ‘YMCA’ song or just play hide and seek! Whichever she chooses, she is sure to steal your heart…and some laughs!

While she is busy investigating the world around her, she does take time to take careful notes when her mother is teaching her to use the litter box. When it comes time for her to join your family, she will be litter-box trained, have received at least her first vaccines and come with a vet certificate of good health. Thanks to our own little ones who can’t keep their hands off her, she has been socialized from the beginning!

Ivy comes from the roman numeral IV or “four”. Since Leap Year comes every 4 years, her name is a reminder of her very awesome birth date!

Blue Tortie Bicolor ragdoll kitten – Ivy



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