Cream Flame ragdoll kitten – Mornay


Cream Flame ragdoll kitten – Mornay

Mornay is petit, calm and gentle. He is not easily spooked, but is laid back and easily adapts to his surroundings.

BIRTHDATE – August 9, 2023
COLOR and PATTERN – Cream/Flame
SEX – Male
HAIR – Long Haired

READY TO GO forecast – October 23, 2023

He loves his brothers and sisters, but this petit minou (French for little kitty) is a mama’s boy through and through! And by that I mean the human kind of mama! He absolutely loves people and will scramble over just about any obstacle in his way to be with us at all times!

This kitten is gearing up for an exciting journey as he prepares for his upcoming vet appointment, where he’ll receive his first vaccines and an outstanding bill of health. With his impeccable litter-box manners and a friendly demeanor developed through early socialization, he’s on track to become the perfect addition to your loving home!

Cream Flame ragdoll kitten – Mornay


Deposit : $450.00 Per item

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