Chocolate Lynx Bicolor Female ragdoll kitten

Havanna is the life of the party! If she could talk, she’d surely be a stand-up comedian! Nevertheless, she doesn’t let that stopy her and easily finds a way to make us laugh! She is a super fun-loving purring machine!

BIRTHDATE – April 4, 2023
COLOR and PATTERN – Chocolate Lynx Bicolor
SEX – Female
HAIR – Long Haired

READY TO GO forecast – June 18, 2023

This little rascal is a playful kitten who will sometimes find herself getting into a little bit of mischief! She is always on the move, exploring her surroundings and investigating everything she can find. Despite her curious nature, she is also very affectionate and loves to cuddle. She’s incredibly charming and knows how to turn on the cuteness to get her way. Full of energy and enthusiasm, she is always up for a good game of chase or a play session with her toys.

After her first visit to our vet that is coming up in just a couple of weeks, she will be up-to-date on her vaccines and ready to go shortly after that. She is already a pro at using the litter box, is just as comfortable with her human roommates as she is with her littermates and is anxious to meet her new family!

Chocolate Lynx Bicolor Female ragdoll kitten


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