Seal Point ragdoll kitten – Ebony


Seal Point ragdoll kitten – Ebony

TICA Registered • CFA Registered

Ebony is very extroverted and won’t hesitate to chase after a string! She loves to play as much as she loves to cuddle and feel your warmth and love.

BIRTHDATE – August 9, 2023
COLOR and PATTERN – Seal Point
SEX – Female
HAIR – Long Haired

READY TO GO forecast – October 23, 2023

This insanely cute furbaby defies expectations as she transforms into a high-jumping sensation. With an innate athleticism and boundless energy, she effortlessly conquers impressive heights, leaving onlookers in awe of her acrobatic prowess. Each graceful leap showcases an exceptional talent and establishes her as a true feline high-jump prodigy. Not only will she impress you with her jumps, but will also surprise you with cozy snuggles as she effortlessly lands in your lap!

She is a delightful kitty, extremely at ease during her vet appointments, and she has learned to develop her social skills. Her vaccines are almost all up to date, which means she will soon be ready to join a loving family!

Seal Point ragdoll kitten – Ebony


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