Yin Yang (陰陽)

Seal Tortie Mitted Female ragdoll kitten

Yin Yang (陰陽) meaning two complementary principles of Chinese philosophy (their interaction is thought to maintain the harmony of the universe and to influence everything within it) is the best of both worlds! She loves loves loves to cuddle but will also go after a ribbon or mouse giving her siblings some serious competition!

BIRTHDATE – June 27, 2023
COLOR and PATTERN – Seal Tortie Mitted
SEX – Female
HAIR – Long Haired

READY TO GO forecast – September 10, 2023

She likes to know what’s going on and she’ll sit watching patiently until she figures it out. At that point, she’ll decide whether or not the activity merits her presence and she’ll decide to either join in the fun or determine that it’s too boring and move on to the next event!

This friendly fur-baby has had lots of time with both adults and children, so she is socialized and will make a great addition to your home. She is also up to date on her vaccinations, has a certificate of good health from our veterinarian, and is fully litter box trained.

Seal Tortie Mitted Female ragdoll kitten

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