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Cat Carrier Products

You will need a carrier to transport your cat when you pick it up at our home and also for regular visits to the veterinarian.  Since Ragdoll cats are an indoor-only animal, unfamiliar outdoor conditions and experiences might spook them if they are not safely inside a cat carrier.

If you travel with your purring fluffball, either by car or via air, there are specific types of cat carriers that you will need.  Check out these carriers:

Hard-Sided Carriers

These carriers have lots of room, made of durable plastic, are easy to clean, and best of all they have a top-side door.  While cats will walk into a box that they are familiar with, it can be quite difficult to persuade them to enter a carrier when your schedule says “it’s time to go now”.  However, you can easily lower them through the open top door.

Hard-sided carriers are great for transportation via car.  There are a wide variety of hard-sided carriers available, and while we haven’t tried them all, there are clearly some great products out there.  If you get a size that will handle a 15 pound cat (or dog), that will be plenty large enough for an adult ragdoll cat.  There are many different carrier products to choose from.  Below are the two models that we use all the time:

For Car Travel: Petmate Two-Door Small Dog & Cat Kennel

We have several Petmate Two-Door Small Dog & Cat Kennels and use them every day.  The top loading door is extremely helpful to put our ragdoll kittens into the carriers.  The carriers are made from rugged plastic is are very easy to clean.  The doors have a pinch-to-open latch that can be opened with one hand.  These are excellent for a veterinary checkup in town or a multi-day road trip adventure.  The base model includes a water dish that clips to the inside of the door.

For Air Cargo Shipping: Petmate Sky Kennel Pet Carrier

It is unlikely that you will need this carrier because it is intended for use when shipping a pet via air as cargo.  However, if you are going to adopt one of our gorgeous ragdoll kittens and you plan to have us ship her to you via air cargo, this is the kennel you will receive.  We get the 21″ model which is a spacious size for a very comfortable voyage, and it will work for you for the around town and road trip purposes.  Unfortunately, there is no top loading door on this kennel, so you may decide later to get the one above anyway.  These carriers are also made from rugged plastic, are very easy to clean, and have a pinch-to-open latch on the door that can be opened with one hand.

Pad for Hard-sided Carriers

When you get a hard-sided carrier you will need a pad for your cat to sit on inside the carrier.  This pad is almost 2″ thick, and your stunningly beautiful ragdoll will feel like royalty relaxing on this pad.  We use this pad for the cross-country cargo flights to keep your kitten warm and comfortable during the trip.  The size to get for both hard-sided carriers listed above is the 18″ pad, which measures approximately 17″ by 11″ – it is a perfect fit.  We use this pad in all of our hard-sided carriers.

Soft-Sided Carriers

If you plan to carry your ragdoll cat with you on an airplane, the carrier will need to be “Airline Approved” and must fit under the seat in front of you.  Verify the seat space dimensions of the airplane you will be traveling on.  A soft-sided carrier is very helpful since it will adapt to minor space variances.

There are a wide variety of soft-sided carriers available.  Most of these we have not used, but they clearly will work.  Some of these come in two sizes, such as large and extra large.  We recommend that you choose the smaller size available, because it can be difficult sometimes to get the carrier to squeeze under the seat in front of you on the plane.  To some degree, there are many different great options that you can choose from for their style and features.

We have one other important recommendation.  If you look closely at many of these carriers they have mesh side panels, which is great for breathability, giving your ragdoll a view through the window with their big blue eyes, and also a chance for everyone else to see how beautiful your fur ball is and wish that they had one just like you!  However, be sure that the carrier you choose has fabric covers for the mesh side panels, because the airflow at the floor level on a plane can sometimes be a bit cold.  You will want the ability to reduce airflow through the side panels if it gets cold on the plane or even outside after you arrive.  A top mesh panel will still provide plenty of fresh air, even if the side panels are closed.

There are other soft-sided carrier products that are like an open sling to wear over your shoulders.  We recommend caution with these because they are better suited to dogs than cats.  Your ragdoll cat is an indoor-only creature, and might feel inclined to jump if it becomes overstimulated outdoors.  Your best bet is to have your amazing ragdoll cat fully contained when you are outdoors.

Check out this Soft-Sided Carrier: Siivton Expandable Carrier

This is a really nice soft sided carrier with lots of great features.  The mesh side walls are fabric closable, it has a top loading mesh door, and best of all the four sides expand out to provide much more room while you sit in the terminal awaiting your flight.  Your curious ragdoll will be entertained exploring the expansion spaces and will be able to see out in all directions.  As mentioned earlier, we suggest avoiding the temptation to get the extra large one, because you might have trouble getting it under the seat.  It is tough to beat this carrier with all its cool features.

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