Cat Trees, Bedding and Shelters Product Reviews and Recommendations

Cat Trees, Bedding, and Shelters

Cats love to climb, sit on a high perch, explore nooks, play and examine all the interesting structures around them.  Since they also need scratching surfaces, these are often features of cat structures.  The choices are numerous, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.  They range from simple stand-alone devices, to integrated benches and whole-house transit solutions for those who seriously want to go all out for the felines who rule their spaces.

We will keep it relatively simple and provide links to view a wide variety of options, then suggest three products on the cost/feature curve ranging from economical value items to high end cool features, with something in between those two extremes.  Please note that this page contains affiliate links, and we may be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on these links.

Cat Trees

There are some really fun structures to treat your curious fluffy ragdoll.  There are so many options and obviously we haven’t tried them all.  You pretty much can’t go wrong with any of these, so long as they fit in the space you have available.  Here are several that offer some unique value:

Bargain tip: Cat trees are frequently “on sale” so click around and you can almost always find something you will like in the $40 range.

The biggest, baddest, coolest Cat Tree ever

Check out this awesome structure!  It is 87″ tall (just 9 inches lower than an 8-foot ceiling) and has twin towers connected by walkways, topping out with two perches.  The footprint dimensions are 42″L x 23.5″W (a little smaller than a 4-ft by 2-ft area).  There are five coves to explore, a ladder, a swing and multiple sisal rope scratching posts.  This is a great cat tree for multiple cats, with room for everyone to sit and explore.

A Classy Touch Cat Tree

This cat tree literally is a tree!  An artificial one, yes, but a tree where your sweet Ragdoll can climb, hide in the leaves and play.  Best of all, it will fit nicely with the decor in your home – an elegant perch for your cat without looking like a cat tree.  This is a must-have for a nicely appointed home.  It comes in four sizes/shapes: Small, Medium, Large (Round Base) and Large (Square Base).

Nice-sized Traditional Cat Tree

When you think of a cat tree, this is exactly what you imagine.  Perches, a cove, and posts covered with sisal rope.  This one comes in a wide variety of colors (beige, black, brown, gray, blue and even pink), and frankly it is the sweet spot of price and performance.  You can’t beat this deal.  It is just what you need for a multi-cat home.

A Simple Cat Tree

For small homes and apartments with limited space, this is just the right solution.  Large enough to work and small enough to fit.  This one has a cove, two perches, a dangling ball, and multiple sisal scratching posts.  It is the complete package, with a great low price under $40.

Wall-mounted Cat Jungle

There are some very interesting options for wall-mounting cat perches and climbing structures, creating a Cat Jungle!  A combination of shelves, coves, posts, ladders, swings, bridges and steps will intrigue and engage the curiosity of your ragdoll.

The Fukumaru Wall Jungle Series has a whole set of coordinated pieces to create a cat paradise just the way you and your furball dream it could be.

If you want to get way into it like some people do, you can create wall-mounted whole-house transit pathways.  That would probably be every cat’s dream!

Check out these fun ideas!

Cat Bedding Shelters

Cat bedding is typically one of two styles: a cat cove (box) or a round padded cushion with side walls.  There are lots of colors and plush fabric types to match any decor.

Cat Cove for Sleeping

Cat coves (sometimes called a cat house) make great bedding solutions.  Your ragdoll will stay warm with shelter from air flows and will feel safe and secure thanks to the plush enclosure.  There are quite a few choices available so check them all out.  Here are two that you might want to consider:

The first one is actually a pop-up tent that you can disassemble and take with you if you travel with your fur ball.  Plus, it is machine washable for easy maintenance.

Also, this one is a sturdy cat house while being foldable for storage.  It has a scratching pad and is a great size for everyday cat bedding.

Cat Bed Sleeping Cushions

Cat bed sleeping cushions are like an overstuffed sofa that your cat can nestle into for a good night’s rest, not to mention her good morning’s nap and two more afternoon naps!  Check out these different cat beds.  Your ragdoll kitten will get cozy inside and rest her head on the sidewall.  Here is the one we use:

Riverside Rags purebred ragdoll kittens for sale

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