Adult Ragdoll Cats for Sale

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On occasion we have adult ragdoll cats available for sale. All of our cats have been well-cared for, socialized, litter-box trained and are up-to-date on their vaccinations.  Some of our most amazing and friendly Ragdolls have been sold as adults.

We strive to make the experience of adopting your new family member as stress-free as possible.  We have created this website experience with you in mind. When you make a deposit on a particular adult cat, that cat will automatically be labeled as “Reserved”. In this way, you can know with confidence that that cat is reserved for you and will not be available for anyone else. You can also be assured that all of our cats labeled as “Available” are indeed available. By reserving a cat, you are agreeing to treat him or her with the same love and respect they are anxiously waiting to offer to you.

Available Adult Ragdoll Cats

Please scroll down to see our available adult ragdoll cats!  If there are none in the list, it is because we don’t have any available at the moment.  You are welcome to make a non-refundable deposit on a future adult cat.  Also, if you would like to Subscribe, you will receive email alerts when new adult cats (and new kittens) are posted.  We suggest that you Contact Us, so that we can discuss with you what you are specifically looking for and can give you some idea or forecast what varieties might be coming available in the near future.

Available Adult Cats

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Zeus is incredible!!!
He is literally the best cat that ever ever lived. He’s beyond affectionate.
Sleeps in bed every night. Plays and is so cute but never destroys anything with his claws – like furniture etc.

He loves loves belly rubs. When he plays with your hand he’s so gentle, like he never ever puts his claws out. He’s great with my youngest son who just loves him so much.

He’s like beyond smart. Knows how to flip the pictures on my phone. Loves to watch sports- like literally sits in the coffee table every football game.

Is so personable – just wants to be around people and in presence.

Like he doesn’t go and hide like so many cats do – he wants to be part of the family.

He’s just truly the best most incredible cat in the whole world. He’s is so so so so loved!! He’s literally a dream cat

My dad is absolutely in love with him and Zeus is beyond attached. It’s adorable!

Ashley B. from Massachusetts

Thank you for the most remarkably friendly, smart kitten, we named Zeus (formally Lewis).

He’s super cute, sleeps with us, very playful, very gentle, enjoys children and always wants to be where we are.

He quickly became a best friend, a true buddy. I never feel alone because he is here. He acclimated super well to our house.

John B (Ashley's dad) From Massachusetts

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