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Ragdoll kittens are for sale now.  We have furbabies available and ready for their new homes. All of our kittens are well-socialized, litter-box trained and are up-to-date on their vaccinations.

We strive to make the experience of adopting your new family member as stress-free as possible. Hence, we have created this website experience with you in mind. When you make a deposit on a particular kitten, that kitten will automatically be labeled as “Reserved”. In this way, you can know with confidence that that kitten is reserved for you and will not be available for anyone else. You can also be assured that all of our kittens labeled as “Available” are indeed available. By reserving a kitten, you are agreeing to treat him or her with the same love and respect they are anxiously waiting to offer to you.

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Seal lynx mitted ragdoll kitten sitting front view looking off to left

Featured Kitten!

Ning (宁)


Seal Tortie Bicolor Female ragdoll kitten

Ning (宁) meaning “peaceful” or “calm.” is close to purr-fect in every way. She purrs as soon as you pick her up as if to say, Thanks so much for loving me, I love you too!

BIRTHDATE – June 27, 2023
COLOR and PATTERN – Seal Tortie Bicolor
SEX – Female
HAIR – Long Haired

READY TO GO forecast – September 10, 2023

If you are looking for a real hugger, look no further. She likes to play with some caution and she gets along great with her siblings but she prefers friends who speak something other than “meow” and will stick to you like glue!

Standard Stuff content – vaccination, litter box trained, well socialized, ready for female her new family

Seal Tortie Bicolor Female ragdoll kitten


In stock

Deposit : $450.00 Per item

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Ragdoll Kittens for Sale

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    Non-refundable deposit on a future kitten

  • Available
    Blue bicolor tortie female ragdoll kitten standing right side and front view


  • Available
    Seal bicolor tortie female ragdoll cat lying down right side view


  • Available
    Chocolate mitted female ragdoll cat with blaze standing front view


  • Reserved Seal mitted male ragdoll cat standing front view


  • Reserved Seal mitted male ragdoll cat standing right side view


  • Available
    Chocolate bicolor male ragdoll kitten standing left side view


  • Sold
    Flame point male ragdoll kitten standing front view


  • Sold

    Li (丽)

  • Available
    Seal bicolor tortie female ragdoll kitten standing front view close up

    Ning (宁)

  • Available
    Seal mitted tortie female ragdoll cat sitting front view

    Mei (美)

  • Available
    Seal mitted tortie female ragdoll cat airborne right side view

    Ming (明)

  • Sold
    Cream point male ragdoll cat lying down front view front arms stretched out in front on floor

    Jing (静)

  • Sold
    Seal bicolor tortie female ragdoll cat close up of face looking up

    Zhen (珍)

  • Available
    Flame point male ragdoll cat sitting right side view hiding face in right arm

    Wei (伟)

  • Available
    Blue mitted female ragdoll cat close up of face



How To Buy A Kitten


Browse Kittens And Make A Deposit

We update the website continually to show our available ragdoll kittens.  Check out the wide variety of adorable ragdoll kittens we have, including blue bicolor, seal mitted, tortie, cream, flame, lynx and many other varieties.  Be sure to click the button to View All of the available kittens.

When you find a kitten you want, you can either contact us to discuss any questions or you can simply make a non-refundable deposit for that kitten.

If you don’t see the color pattern or variety you are looking for, not to worry!  Other litters are coming due soon and we will likely have the one you are looking for in the near future.  Please see the option for making a deposit on a future kitten to get on the waitlist.


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Connect With Us

After you have made a deposit, please contact us to discuss any questions and make arrangements for your purring new ragdoll kitten to come to their furever home.


white kitten in brown cardboard box

Coordinate Delivery or Pick Up

We will work with you to determine the best way for you to get your new kitten.

You might like to schedule an appointment to come to our home in Pasco WA to pick her up.

Or maybe you would prefer delivery service.  We have a number of drivers who are available to deliver your ragdoll to you in the Pacific Northwest.

For our customers who live throughout the US, we offer two air travel options for your new pet (hand-carried, and safe, comfortable cargo shipping).

See this page for more information.


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Make Final Payment

When the pickup or delivery details have been sorted out, we will send you a total cost for the remaining balance after your deposit.  The balance is typically due when the kitten reaches “ready to go” status.  Please see this page for information about the ready to go status and when the balance will be due.

Why Us

Health Guarantee

Every kitten comes with a three-year health guarantee. And because of our extensive testing, we are also able to offer an unprecedented, optional ten-year health guarantee.

No Kitty Mill Pledge

We are a small cattery where our kittens and breeding cats live in our home with us and play with our young children. We do not have a separate outdoor facility or any other kind of environment where the cats and kittens are only seen to be fed and watered. 

Kitty Destinations

From our location in the great Pacific Northwest, we provide services to hand deliver and safely ship ragdoll kittens anywhere in the US.  There are also several convenient air travel options where customers fly in, receive their ragdoll kitten at the airport and fly back home within the hour.

The International Cat Association (TICA) is one of the largest cat registries in the world. Every year TICA provides the opportunity to apply and qualify for their Outstanding Cattery Certification by meeting strict requirements of safety, health, wellness and cleanliness within a cattery. This can only be achieved by having a certified veterinarian come to inspect the cattery, after which the vet must submit a certified report to TICA. At Riverside Rags, our in-home cattery has been inspected and certified by Dr. Hank Oliver of Animal Hospital of Pasco.

The Cat Fancier’s Association is similar to TICA in that it is a cat registry. CFA is focused on maintaining the purest of breeds, “the welfare of all cats [and] the promotion and improvement of CFA recognized breeds of cats; […]”. For the Ragdoll breed, they only allow pure traditional ragdolls to be registered. The CFA Cattery of Excellence award is given to registered CFA catteries who receive a superior score on the inspection checklist by a licensed vet. At Riverside Rags, our in-home cattery has been inspected and certified by Dr. Hank Oliver of Animal Hospital of Pasco.

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