Visiting our in-home Cattery

Visiting our in-home Cattery

Many ask if they can come visit our cattery to choose a kitten in person. The answer is Yes, of course!

  1. First, please make a deposit for a future kitten
  2. Then, contact us to schedule an appointment. 
  3. Please identify the kittens that you want to see (up to 3) and let us know.  We will bring them up to play with during your visit. 
Please note that until a specific kitten has been designated by you as the one you want (reserved), it is possible that someone else might reserve one that you were interested in before your scheduled visit.  Unfortunately, we can’t hold back one or more kittens that you are interested in.

In-home Cattery

We raise our kittens in our in-home cattery.  Our breeding kings and queens live like royalty with their kittens in our large daylight basement which is more than 2,500 square feet. My husband and I also have our work-from-home offices in our basement. The cats have their own rooms that are spacious, clean and well-lit with plenty of fresh air.

Tours of the Cattery

We welcome you into our home to either choose a kitten or pick up the kitten you reserved.  Unfortunately, we cannot invite each of you into our cattery itself to see all of our cats and kittens in their lap of luxury. We limit the amount of exposure outsiders have to our kittens and breeding ragdolls. There are several reasons we for this:

My husband and I each have our office space located in our full daylight basement which is where our kitties roam free. Ron is an engineer and is often in meetings that can’t be interupted by visitors walking through to see our beautiful furbabies.  Most importantly, we work very hard to keep our cattery clean and free of diseases.  Unfortunately, hosting cattery tours would bring risks of inadvertently tracking in harmful diseases and bacteria.

Our Mamas and Papas

At Riverside Rags, our breeding kings and queens are treated like royalty. Nestled in their picturesque river-view castle, they enjoy a life of utmost comfort and contentment.

Rest assured, they stay busily engaged in their royal pursuits, always exceeding expectations (if you know what I mean 😉 )! For this reason (and to keep them from unwanted exposure to disease), we will not be able to show them off in person. We are working hard, however, at getting their pictures posted to our website.

We have a wonderful living environment for our Ragdolls

Our ragdoll cats are very well cared for. We have large spaces for our kings and queens where they have picture-window views of the Columbia River and its wildlife. Our kittens and their mothers are able to run freely and have plenty of room to play and sleep.  The spaces allocated for our cats far exceed industry guidelines and are cleaned daily.  We circulate fresh air and provide UV light treatment of the airflow to neutralize any airborne undesirables.  Our cats and kittens receive very high-quality food and they love to play with our young children as they become socialized.

We can’t help it… these kittens are so cute that we spoil them!  You’ll see… when you bring one of these irresistibly soft and cuddly kittens into your heart, you will do it too!

TICA and CFA Certified

We have gone to great lengths to establish a healthy life for our amazing cats. We have regularly scheduled visits from certified veterinarians to inspect our cattery for compliance with the top-level standards of care. As a result of this effort, we have been awarded the rare endorsements of the TICA Outstanding Cattery and the CFA Cattery of Excellence. At the time of this writing, there are no other ragdoll catteries in the world who have both of these certifications.

Your new kitten will be healthy and well socialized

It would be fun to have people visiting our in-home cattery.  However, it is much more important that each family take home a gorgeous ragdoll kitten that is a healthy and well-socialized pet.  Your new furbaby will provide beauty and companionship for years to come.

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